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everything else in perspective. everything in perspective. head shaker. the much anticipated verdict in the casey anthony trial has many asking, did she get away with murder? dirt devil, a massive cloud of dust barrels across arizona. and hold your breath. rafters get tossed into the frigid waters in california. good morning, everyone. i'm lynn berry. those stories and more are straight ahead. this is "first look" on msnbc. we begin this morning with a stunning verdict. after just 11 hours of deliberations, a florida jury found casey anthony not guilty in the murder of her 2-year-old daughter caylee.
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an unexpected decision that left close followers of the case in complete shock. we have more in orlando. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. yeah, casey anthony was only convicted on four misdemeanor counts of making false statements to police. she'll be sentenced on those tomorrow. but with time served could walk away a free woman after what is being called the most controversial verdict since o.j. simpson. >> as to the charge of first-degree murder, verdict as to count one, we, the jury find the defendant not guilty. >> reporter: casey anthony sobbed after hearing the verdict, not guilty on the three most serious charges related to her 2-year-old yelled daughter caylee's death. after weeks of testimony, the jury took less than 11 hours to decide. and while none who participated in deliberations spoke to the media, one alternate offered his take. >> the prosecution didn't meet the burden of proof. we had a lot of reasonable doubt
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there. >> but outside the courtroom, the jurors unanimous decision was met with a shared shock and outrage. >> you got everything. how do you give her a verdict like that? >> we're just devastated. it's just unbelievable that somebody can get away with doing this to a little beautiful baby. >> reporter: for weeks, millions watched the wall to wall coverage pt trans fixed by a mother facing the death penalty. anthony's defense included allegation her mother molested her and helped cover up the fact that caylee drowned in the family pool. >> casey didn't murder caylee. >> reporter: but she was convicted on four counts of providing false information to the police. >> the defendant was telling them she was alive, she was somewhere else. she was asking for their help.
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>> reporter: on thursday, the judge will sentence her on those charges. b up about towfour years, but wit time served, casey anthony could soon walk free. her parents george and cindy anthony didn't speak the media as leaving court yesterday. they did release a statement saying that in spite of casey anthony's baseless defense, they do think the jury made a fair decision based on the evidence. they then asked for their privacy. >> kristen, thanks. president obama stepped up his role in capitol hill's stalled budget talks yesterday. he is now challenging and calling on congressional leaders to meet tomorrow at the white house where he wants lawmakers to hammer out a long-term deal to raise the nation's borrowing limit before the country's credit is tarnished. tracie potts joins us with more on that.
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>> reporter: the president made a rare appearance at the daily white house briefing to announce that meeting tomorrow and also say he doesn't think a short-term deal to prevent defaulting on our bills for a few more months will work. he thinks they need to come up with something permanent, cutting almost $2.5 trillion from the budget including $400 billion in tax increases for rich and they need to do it in the next two weeks. so that the markets aren't rattled. john boehner says he'll go to this meeting but he's already calling it, in his words, fruitless, saying there is no way a republican-controlled house will pass any sort of tax increase at all. republicans criticizing the president saying we've shown a plan. where is your plan? you'll likely hear much more about this later today when the president holds his first ever twitter town hall meeting from the white house. >> thanks so much. americans are counting do you remember the days until prince william and kate's north
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american tour brings the royal couple to california. in the meantime, the man who may some day be king of england once again showed off some canadian spirit. peter alexander takes us north of the border. ♪ >> reporter: it's been quite the honeymoon tour for the world's most famous newlyweds. who else could enjoy a carriage ride followed by lobster on the shores of prince edward island one day and be serenaded by drummers just beneath the arctic circle the next? william offered a simple thank you in their dialect. >> we're so excited to be here. >> reporter: here in canada, another royal welcome for the duke and duchess of cambridge. kate won fans just by dropping the puck while william went 0 for 3 with calvin. >> i'm speechless. >> reporter: yellow knife, the capital of the northwest
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territories is a remote region five times the size of the united kingdom. but with a population of 41,000. >> i feel like a kid, you know? it's a wonderful experience. >> i'm prince william. >> reporter: the prince and his new bride dazzled crowds at every stop. kate impressing observers with national confidence and fashion sense, showcasing star quality that is recapturing interest in britain's monarchy. like when the couple returned to the dock looking less like royalty and more like newlyweds. peter alexander, nbc news, yellow knife. and here's your first look at the other news going on around america the dust in arizona was dwarfing skyscrapers and producing blinding conditions that led to airport delays and thousands of power outages. no serious injuries were
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reported. an ohio horse had its own get away plans twheekd. the horse escaped from nearby farm, turning a stretch of highway into its own racetrack. the house -- the horse ran for hours until it tired itself out. it was then safely captured and returned to its owner. a group of california rafters survived a wild ride on the river last sunday. the rapids sent all seven people airborne, throwing them into the cold and rough water. they all did survive holding on to the overturned raft and paddling to shore. and finally, in san francisco, one man's mad dash for a home run ball netted the perfect souvenir along with a few bruises. the man leaped into mccovey cove to retrieve the ball giving himself and the young fan with him a tale to tell. i got the ball. i got the ball. and now for a look at the national weather, we turn to bill karins.
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he has your forecast. how about that dust stock? that looked like out of amovie. >> haboob. that's not a made up word. >> do we need a beep? >> no, that's what they call dust storms in the world and in arizona. i witnessed a couple of these. if you left your windows down, you got a lot of dust to clean in that car and also off your back porch. this cakes everything. this was a historical dust storm that rolled through phoenix and arizona yesterday. let me show what you it looks like on the radar. the thunderstorms is what causes the dust stormsment we don't get a lot of thunderstorms in the deserts. we had a complex go through yesterday. here's the phoenix area. no storms came in from the east and blew right through. and even now a lot of heavy rain. it wasn't just phoenix that saw
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the dust storm, many areas of the lower part of arizona experienced the dust storm yesterday. as far as weather goes, not a lot going on. we've got some dying thunderstorm complexes from last night. the temperatures continue to steal the show over around texas and also in oklahoma. it was 102 yesterday in dallas. 104 in oklahoma city. just to show you how unusual and historic this is, this is the number of 100-degree days so far. you xpkt phoenix and tus cson t have a bunch of them. austin, texas and oklahoma city have had more 100-degree days than vegas. this drought in texas, it justins to get worse and worse. the temperatures justin to be well above average. even this morning, it's 81 to start your morning in dallas. much of the country is very warm. we're 75 to start the morning in chicago. 77 in d.c. you walk out the door and you have the heat and feel it in the air. now right now, thunderstorms
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continue this morning in areas of kansas. that is the only travel trouble spot out there. interstate 70 is has a thunderstorm complex. today, a lot like yesterday. many areas will have a chance of afternoon storm but it will be hot in oklahoma and dallas. back to you. more positive economic data. oil prices rise, and impressive honesty in austria. your first look at the business headlines is straight ahead. disappointing news for tiger woods and derrick jeeter is closer to 3,000 hits and now one big leaguer has to face the music after the fans voted. [ man ] they said i couldn't win a fight.
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but i did. they said i couldn't fight above my weight class. but i did. they said i couldn't get elected to congress. but i did. ♪ sometimes when we touch ha ha! millions of hits! [ male announcer ] flick, stack, and move between active apps seamlessly. only on the new hp touchpad with webos. with aveeno nourish plus moisturize. active naturals wheat formulas target and help repair damage in just 3 washes. for softer, stronger... ... hair with life. [ female announcer ] nourish plus. only from aveeno.
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welcome back to "first look." i'm lynn berry. officials say a member of a terror group in somalia who was secretly interrogated for two months aboard a navy ship was brought to new york yesterday to
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face terrorism charges. in a case likely to reignite debate over the prosecution of terror suspects, the man said to have provided interrogators with valuable information is accused of providing money and weapons to terrorist groups. exxonmobil has been ordered to rebury the pipeline that spilled oil into the yellowstone river to better protect it from external damage. exxon and federal officials say oil has been spotted 25 miles down stream and the dot some reports some found as far as 240 miles. california lawmakers have approved a bill that would make the state the first requiring public schools to include the contributions of gays and lesbians in social studies a p.
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the nasdaq added nine. in tokyo, the nikkei gained 110 points but in hong kong, the heng seng fell 230. like mostly flat trading put an end to wall street's recent winning streak on tuesday except for the nasdaq which had a sixth day of gains. net flichl surged 8% and hit a new high after announcing it was expanding the online video service to 43 countries in latin america and the caribbean. over the last year, netflix shares tripled in value. when wall street had put greece in the rearview mirror, moody's investor service slashed portugal's territory into junk status. on the data front, new
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factory orders bounced back in may, boosted by demand for transportation equipment. oil futures surged 2% to settle at just under $97 a barrel after barclay's capital raised the forecast for the commodity in 2012. chevron rose 1%, the most of any stock on the dow and marathon oil jumped 3% on the news. in deal news, blood transfusion instrument company immucor rose 30% after agreeing to be taken private by pg & e capital. energy transfer will buy ups agreeing to pay $5 billion in catch and units in an attempt to thwart a rival offer by willi s williams. talk about honesty, this is good to hear, two 15-year-olds on a school trip in austria found an envelope stuffed with $14,000 in cash and they handed it over to lost and found.
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but if the rightful owner does not show up in a year, they get to keep it. so there you go. pays to be honest. coming up, another setback for honest. jeter's march towards 3,000 and the first lady takes in a ball game for a good cause. plus, a nail biting ending between the jays and red sox in boston. your first look at sports is straight ahead. you're watching "first look" on msnbc. ...was it something big? ...or something small? ...something old? ...or something new? ...or maybe, just maybe... it's something you haven't seen yet. the 2nd generation of intel core processors. stunning visuals, intelligent performance. this is visibly smart.
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welcome back to "first
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look." in sports, tiger woods fans are waiting for his return to the golf course and they're going to have to wait longer. good morning, after years of dominating golf, tiger woods becoming a forgotten man. he has not played in a tournament for months and will miss next month's u.s. open because of injuries. pujols recovered from a broken wrist a month ahead of schedule and is expected to start tonight. mat holiday hit a pair of home dens and st. louis won it 8-1. i a single onthis slow roller to third. about but in one went jeter's way. with a two-run double into the gap, he is three shy of 3,000. great finish between the red sox and blue jays. boston up one with two down in the ninth. john mcdonald single to left. encarnacion hustles home. a dart to the plate and nailed
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him. what a finish. washington where obama was on hand to honor children of military fans before the mets and cubs game. having the first lady at the park can have anyone nervous. jeff baker airmailed the toss into second. they won it 3-2. finally, many picked the miami heat to win the championship. mike naply is one of them. he paid off his debt. listen to this. ♪ i'm too sexy for my shirt ♪ ♪ too sexy for my shirt so sexy it hurts ♪ >> he had to face the music. fans voted on his at bat song and picked the 9 o's hit, i'm too sexy. everybody got a kick out of it. the verdict is still out if napoli is truly too sexy for his shirt. that's your first look at sports, i'm fred roggin. and now for a quick look at the weather, here is bill karins. he has your weather channel forecast. just had a brilliant idea. i'm going to insist we play that
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song every time i toss to you in the morning. >> this could be like my cat walk, right? i do my little walk here. >> please do. >> just to entertain you, lynn. good morning, everyone. yesterday was a hot day in most of the country. it's 115, the dry heat. that's what it felt like yesterday in the northeast and mid-atlant mid-atlantic. the humidity wasn't that high. the humidity increased to day and tomorrow you'll feel it in the air. it will be a little uncomfortable. it is a mile morning. 75 in central park to start the day. 73 in philly. the burbs are a lot chillier than this. by the time you get into the city, you'll feel a blast of hot air. there are not many clouds out there. around virginia, we have a koum showers coming out of the mountainous areas. we'll see mostly a dry day to day. d.c., there's a slight chance, like 20% chance of shower or thunderstorm.
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but in general, i think most areas are going to be dry. the same goes for albany. i don't think you'll see a lot of wet weather. the temperatures will be the same today as they were yesterday. around the rest of the country, we have thunderstorms out in central kansas and kansas city today, even chicago, st. louis. there will be a slight chance of afternoon thunderstorms. we'll see a greater coverage in atlanta and alabama and mississippi and along the gulf. you're in your wet season with o dust video pictures, more haboobs. >> word of the day. all right, bill, thanks so much. who is the highest paid actress in hollywood? it's a tie. plus, a high paid hollywood actor risks life and limb in iceland on an adventure show. your first look at entertainment is straight ahead. ever wish ves didn't taste so vegetably? well, v8 v-fusion juice gives you a full serving of vegetables,
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welcome back to "first look." i'm lynn berry. it's time for entertainment news. charlie sheen will get the last laugh at his game of one upmanship with juk laurie, the producer of sheen's former show. laurie is reportedly killing off sheen's old character in next season's first episode. well, tuesday comedy central announced the newest roast target will be sheen himself. and coincidentally, but probably not, the roast airs september 19th. that is the same night that 2 1/2 men premiers with ashton c kucher. climbing snowy mounts anz in
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iceland, imagine how his agent let alone his mother felt about seeing him crawl on a rope between two mountains. finally, no surprise forbes list of top earning actresses for 2010 is headed by angelina joe lee with $30 million. but sarah jessica parker tieing jolie for a top spot maybe a surprise. but much of that income is linked to her line of fragrances, not her movies. reese wither spoon was also in a tie for second with jennifer aniston. both earned $28 million for the year. every time we do those stories, i just feel a little worse about myself. you know? hey, these people are making $30 million. >> where is my girlfriend jessica alba? >> is she your girlfriend? >> you didn't hear, i'm sorry. >> i thought it was just a picture of the biebs on your wall. >> you know the biebs. i have to have something. >> that's true. that's always the issue. it is surprising. but we'll see. i'm lynn berry this is fir"firs
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look" on msnbc. president obama summons democrats and republicans to the white house for a little sit down about the budget deal. but gop leadership says you can do all the summiting he wants. they won't allow for any tax increases, period. the question is, how do you negotiate against that position? meanwhile, the republican front runner to challenge the president keeps rolling along, sticking to his economic message and picking up ground in the polls and a lot of cash along the way. the question is, who in that gop field can emerge to give mit romney a run for his money? and we've never mentioned the name casey anthony on this show. but today, after the trial is over, it seems like a good day to start. the questions are, did she kill her daughter? and do you care? savannah guthrie quickly explains the whole thing for us this morning. it's way too early
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